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General Gab
For ranting and raving about just about everything
5 9
qwsdfr · Feb 12
In Nike Shoes high-quality components
ADVICE Topics Replies Last Reply
Discussions about matters of the heart
4 17
Jprocks66 · Feb 5
In I wish i had a girlfriend
If you're kinky and you know it clap your hands.
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Life advice from the mouth of one misfit to another
1 7
Gimpusoid · Aug 2 '17
In Punk Problems
Therapy for the family frustrated
1 0
s1ck · May 9 '17
In Coming Out
I'd gladly give you my kidney. The left one. My drinking habit gets the other.
1 3
purplepenguin · Jul 28 '17
In My Friend's Dating a Bad Boy... the bad kind
A forum for brooding about bosses, working the graveyard shift, and climbing the corporate ladder
2 3
greenbean · May 31 '17
In What does a goth wear to an interview?!
SOS! I HAVE FEELINGS Topics Replies Last Reply
When your breakup's so bad that Coldplay starts to make sense.
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Depression, anxiety, fear. Sound like a horror movie? Nope, that's just life.
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Drop that knife! You heard me, drop it... good girl.
1 0
GoryRory · Jan 8
In The Marked Ones
MUSIC Topics Replies Last Reply
Banter about badass bands
4 6
BriGuyBeast98 · Nov 4 '17
In Great band
"I went to too many concerts." -No one's last words ever
1 0
gedor · May 9 '17
In Metallica
Musicians Wanted
Want to start a band? Need a badass bassist? A screamo singer? Welcome to the forum.
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Promote Your Band
You blew out your voice and shattered a window, but at least you've got a song. Post it here!
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MOVIES, TV, & GAMING OH MY! Topics Replies Last Reply
DC vs Marvel. Let us duel to the death.
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I went outside once. It wasn't worth it.
1 2
stewartissad · Jun 5 '17
In Injustice 2
Let's watch Candyman while you feed me candy corn.
1 5
animeamy · Aug 16 '17
In Pirates of the Caribbean
TV rots your brain. Let's rot together?
1 2
animeamy · May 9 '17
In Gotham
FASHION Topics Replies Last Reply
Subculture Style
A thread for those always dressed for a funeral
1 3
BondEdge · Jun 1 '17
In Where to Buy Goth Clothing
My haircut is called "I tried."
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Beauty tips n' tricks for misfits
2 1
princeofdarkness · May 11 '17
In Pale Skin Tips
Acrylics? Talons? Same difference.
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BODY MODIFICATION Topics Replies Last Reply
Tattoos are like potato chips... you can't just have one.
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Chats about snake bites, snugs, and plugs
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We don't mean to "brand" you, but let's face it. You're a skin arsonist.
1 1
s1ck · May 9 '17
In Wuss Wants a Scar
We won't bite! Well, maybe a little.
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Let's talk tongues.
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Microdermal, subdermal, transdermal... we've got the implant itch.
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Corsets & Waist Training
I laced my corset before lacing my boots. Now I'm a cripple.
1 0
shockvalue · May 31 '17
In How to Put On a Corset, Alone
VICES Topics Replies Last Reply
Nurse, could you hook me up to an IV and inject coffee into my veins?
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You're sober? Welcome to hell.
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WARNING: Cigarettes can cause gum disease, tooth loss, and cancer. They're also very good.
3 2
vampy · Jun 1 '17
In Pipes
What if I told you that pill you swallowed... is a vitamin.
1 3
gedor · May 31 '17
In Pills
Mother washed my mouth out with soap. Bitch.
2 7
PlugzNotHugz · Jun 3 '17
In Curse Addict
PARANORMAL Topics Replies Last Reply
Who ya gonna call? Probably not the Ghostbusters.
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Psychics, Horoscopes, and Fortune Tellers
I can see your future. It's black.
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Leave your brooms at the door.
8 1
gedor · Aug 11 '17
In How to Use Graveyard Dirt in Spellcasting
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